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CCW Firearms Training Classes - Small class size with more individual instruction.  Training and exposure which exceeds other similar type courses! If you desire to know what you are doing, and want to be comfortable and competent with your firearm, this is the class for you.

Download your Free When to Draw vs. When to Shoot Guide

CCW Initial 12 hour basic ($150.00) (classroom / range - no holster drawing).

CCW Initial 14 Hour ($175.00) (classroom / range - holster drawing, moving, and more). 

Renewal class $50.00 (4 hours: basic / classroom only).

Renewal Class Plus ( 7 hours: classroom and Range - holster drawing, moving, and more) $100.00).

Note: At range, the maximum number of students is 4. Thus, you have more personal attention, and opportunity to learn! 

Read Actual Student Reviews-->>:   Initial Class   Renewal Class


CCW Classes held in Shingletown, Shasta County. 530-474-3267



Photos - CCW Initial Course Training. A sampling of training and education from Shasta Defense.

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Renewal Classes in Shingletown (4 hours required by California).   

Initial Classes in Shingletown:  

Call to join:  474-3267

Mailing address:

P.O. Box 729

Shingletown, CA 96088

14 hour Initial Holster Course ($175.00) / (Includes holster training and shooting to front, left and right, and much more!).  200+ (approx) rounds of ammunition required. Max - 4 students.  This 14 hour class exceeds California State Law requirements, and to my knowledge is the most comprehensive initial CCW course in the North State.  

Whether you are a novice or long time shooter, you will benefit from this unique Shasta Defense course. You will feel more comfortable with your firearm in knowing how to use it safely. 

Unique 14 hour Initial CCW Class includes Drawing from the Holster.

With the small class size (4 maximum) students, you receive meaningful coaching so that you can become comfortable and competent with your firearm.  

If you are using a firearm for personal defense at home (even if you don't desire a CCW), you should seriously consider taking this course. The legal requirements as to defending you and your loved ones by resort to deadly force apply to you, even at home. Legal and civil consequences follow the use of a firearm. American citizens need to know the rules of lethal force and the rules of gun safety. 

Shasta Defense classes are designed to teach the practical and legal use of a handgun in self defense.  

Topics include: firearms safety, personal safety and avoiding confrontations, mental awareness, carrying concealed handguns, the legal use of deadly force and practical range training. During this course, you will learn skills, including: proper steps in drawing from a strong side holster, moving off the line of attack, firing (or not firing, when threat ceases), reloading, scanning and assessing, moving to cover,  and re-holstering. You will engage targets at ranges from 1 foot to 7 yards and beyond. Considerations include weapon retention.

Training will also include: shooting at longer distances (you need to know your practical limitations, and legal), learning about your reactionary gap (Tueller drill), safe hand changes, and one handed shooting (left and right hands). 

Also, what do you say to the police after a shooting?

         Who do you call? 

         Avoiding reflexive spin.

         How do you respond when officers arrive, and you are armed? 

         "Drop gun" instruction (including at range),  and more.

Courses conducted by other instructors don't provide instruction in many of the important matters covered and practiced in the Shasta Defense course. Knowing how to properly draw from a holster is an essential safety procedure. After all, upon issuance of a CCW, you will be carrying a loaded firearm. Don't you think you need to be skilled in how to draw and re-holster?  

Instructor Background:   

Certified NRA Pistol Instructor, Certified NRA Rifle Instructor; Certified NRA Range Safety Officer; Certified NRA Personal Protection in the Home Instructor; Approved Firearms Instructor for CCW instruction classes required for original and  renewal permit applications in Shasta County and Tehama County (permits valid for entire State of California).

California Attorney at Law.