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Disaster Preparedness, You and the Right and Duty of an Armed Citizenry (CCW Classes Shasta and Tehama)

Community Emergency Response  Groups - Discounts - July, 2011

As part of the  - Operation Safety Net, CCW Course Discounts (initial  course only) are provided to members of the groups / teams listed below. 

The  normal cost of the FULL 20 hour course is $150.00. The Discounted cost for you (per person) under this program is $100.00, but you still get the exact same training! And you get it at a savings of 33%!  [In order to qualify it is required that at least 3 people attend the class from your qualifying group or other qualifying groups. Thus, for example,  one person could be a firefighter, and 2 others could be members of a neighborhood watch]. is committed to the security of you, your family, your neighborhood, and Shasta and Tehama Counties.  Still thinking? Okay, compare the depth of the course coverage that offers to other classes.  Then give a call. 

This program won't last forever, so if interested, call 530-474-3267, or use the Contact Form.

Here are the Groups / Teams which presently qualify: 

1. members residing in Shasta or Tehama Counties; 

2. Firefighters and staff of the Shingletown Volunteer Fire Department; 

3. Any firefighter and fire department staff in Shasta or Tehama County; 

4. Members of any Shasta County or Tehama County Neighborhood Watch (e.g., McCumber Neighborhood Watch,  Shasta Forest Neighborhood Watch, etc...);  

5. Staff of the Shingletown Medical Center (e.g., Doctors, nurses, secretaries, receptionists, etc...); and  

6. Members of the Shasta County Sheriff's Search and Rescue or Tehama County Sheriff's Search and Rescue Teams.

Call 530-474-3267 for information, and to reserve your class. 

Why is offering such discounts? 

Because recognizes that it is critical that law abiding American Citizens not only be armed, but properly trained in the safe handling of their firearms, and the use of deadly force. The more training you have, the less likely it may be that you will be forced to resort to having to use your firearm (whether at home or out in public).  

Having our neighbors and fellow Americans educated and disciplined in the use of firearms,  makes all of our homes and communities  more secure, safer, and secures liberty. That's why our forefathers stated that you, and each of you, as an Armed Citizen skilled in the use of arms is, "necessary to the security of a free state".  

You may ask - What if I am not presently a member of one of the above, but I am  thinking about joining, can I  still qualify for the discount?  The answer is YES. Merely join the group e.g., volunteer firefighter, Neighborhood Watch, Search and Rescue,  etc...), and show you are a member in good standing. Get active in your community. It's the American way. 


Also, steps are being taken to determine interest in a SHINGLETOWN CPR / FIRST AID CLASS (potentially at the Shingletown Volunteer Fire Department). IF INTERESTED CLICK HERE AND PROVIDE CONTACT INFORMATION.

See HERE for information Operation Safety Net and - CPR; Food Storage; Disaster Preparedness; Fire Evacuation Plan Shingletown Ridge; Sheriff Emergency Preparedness; CCW Discounts. Click here for flyer to print out and distribute in your neighborhood.  

Start organizing and mobilizing your home, street, neighborhood, and church.