10 Tips for Surviving a Terrorist Vehicle Attack

Written by: Greg Ellifritz

In the event you missed it, there was an ISIS terrorist vehicle ramming attack in London last Saturday night.

This attack followed another ISIS vehicle attack on a second bridge in London, as well as previous Islamic vehicle terror attacks in France, Canada, Israel, and Germany.  The United States has not been immune from such attacks either.  In fact, one of the first Islamic terrorist vehicle attacks occurred in North Carolina in 2006.  Another occurred last year on the campus of the Ohio State University.

Why all the vehicle attacks?  The ISIS propaganda publication Rumiyah has specifically called for Muslim terrorists to use vehicles and knives as weapons against the Western world.

“The latest issue of Rumiyah, a new magazine from the terror group aimed at English-language speakers, included an article titled “Just Terror Tactics” that outlined ideal vehicles to use in terror attacks as well as ideal targets.

“Though being an essential part of modern life, very few actually comprehend the deadly and destructive capability of the motor vehicle and its capacity of reaping large numbers of casualties if used in a premeditated manner,” the article said.

The article also cited the attack in Nice, France, in July, in which a supposed ISIS supporter killed 86 people by plowing into a crowd with a truck on Bastille Day.

“Vehicles are like knives, as they are extremely easy to acquire,” the article said.”

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