Armed Citizen Response to the Terrorist Bomber

Written by Greg Ellifritz

*Editors note:  I’m reposting this one in response to the terrorist bombings in Belgium today.  It’s important for folks to have a plan to deal with the future suicide bombing attacks we will likely see here in the USA.  Pay attention.

– Greg

Terrorists worldwide use bombs as their weapons of choice.  Occasionally, these bombs will be supplemented by sniper fire, grenades, or active shooters but it’s the bombs that get media attention.  Many of my readers have been to numerous shooting schools and have trained in martial arts for years.  How many of you have ever taken a bomb class?  While this article isn’t a substitute for formal training, it will give you some tips that may prevent you from being blown up should you happen to be caught in the middle of a suicide or homicide bombing.

I will be referencing some of the most recent “western” terrorist bombings of civilian targets…the Moscow airport …   Read article Here