Deep Concealment Options for the “Non-Permissive Environment”

Deep Concealment Options for the “Non-Permissive Environment”


*I’m re-posting this article after the horrific concert shooting last night in Las Vegas.  When I first posted this article, I took a lot of heat.  A lot of folks called me “paranoid” and couldn’t imagine why I might want to smuggle a weapon into a concert venue.  I hope a lot of those folks have a better understanding now.  It’s sad that it takes a tragedy of this scale to initiate a change in attitudes.

Specifically in this shooting (a shooter firing down into a venue from the 32nd floor with a rifle), is your little smuggled pocket pistol useful?  Probably minimally so.  My Glock 42 really isn’t a gun that I want to use in a 200 yard gunfight against a dude with a rifle.  With that said, future terrorist attacks will involve multiple attackers with some (maybe armed with suicide bombs) in the crowd and some shooting from an overwatch position.  A small pistol may be critical to ensure you can safely escape from the attackers on the ground if you are fleeing the rifle fire.

Most people can’t envision a terrorist attack with both a ground and a sniper component, but it is a very popular tactic overseas.  Read The Jakarta Terrorist Attacks for an idea of how you might best respond to this type of event when it comes here.

I also carry medical gear when I go to concerts.  Yesterday’s show had more than 50 victims.  EMS staff will be overwhelmed for a significant period of time in a mass casualty situation like this.  You better be able to treat your own life threatening injuries.  Even better is if you can carry enough gear to save someone else’s life.  Check out my articles Field Medicine for Terrorist Attacks and Ever Day Carry of Medical Gear for more details.

Be careful.  Carry your guns.  Carry your medical gear.  Be ready for anything.


Written by: Greg Ellifritz

Last weekend I enjoyed the days off from my police and teaching jobs by going to a couple of concerts.  I really enjoy seeing live music, but I …

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