Kidnappings – Would you Intervene

Two Different Kidnappings- Would You Intervene?

Written by: Greg Ellifritz

One of the goals of any type of combative training is to “remove novelty.”  Novel situations combined with stress often force our brains to operate in a more instinctive manner.  When operating this way, higher order thinking isn’t possible.  Our goal as trainers is to introduce our students to as many possible situations as we can so that the student has a mental reference in the event he experiences a similar situation in the future.  If the student has already thought through an incident and come up with a viable solution, the brain is less likely to shift into “instinctive” mode and more likely to remain capable of intellectual thought.  That’s what we are looking for.


Fortunately, I don’t need to have you all in a scenario oriented training class to start making some mental maps.  You can do that by just thinking about crime scenarios and coming up with a logical plan to respond to them.  That’s what we are going to do in today’s article.

Here are two recent kidnapping attempts that were caught on video.  They are both somewhat different and a nuanced response may be required.  Take a look at both and think about what you might do.     Read more HERE