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When to Draw vs. When to Shoot

Tueller Drill / Reactionary Gap Drill Range Record

Shooting Positions- photos 

How to Reload your revolver

Holster Draw - Reverse Retention Ready Position

How to Draw and Holster your firearm


Pistol Grip Illustrations - Photos  # 1   # 2

Pistol Grip and Stance  


California CCW Application Forms / Procedures


On Target Articles


Legal Assistance Considerations



Community service: Shingletown Emergency Radio






CCW Identification Banners

To assist in avoiding mistaken identity shooting following a critical incident. Proper deployment is important.


Video Illustration (and yes, CCW  holders aren't police; however, if you are involved in a critical incident (e.g., you defend against a person who is shooting at your family and other innocent people at the mall), you must be concerned about being shot by arriving uniformed police and/or other armed persons (CCW holders, off duty police, etc...) in the immediate aftermath. The reality is that no one will see your invisible "white hat", whether you are an off duty police officer, or a law abiding American citizen with a CCW.

Link to CCW Bannner here (3/2017)

See information at  (Note: this company holds the patent. Currently CCW version not issued (but apparently you can get at above link).  As of 3/2017 this company (dsmsafety) advised that it will have a revised CCW version about 5/2017 to 6/2017.


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