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Shingletown Emergency Radio 

    what is the Shingletown Emergency Radio Plan?




We use Plain English for EMERGENCY TRAFFIC (E.G., A "FIRE NET"); AND

We use the SER Q Codes for rapid reporting and mapping for situational awareness (e.g., no electricity, no phone, earthquake magnitude, etc...).

With the SER system, we can map over 100+ square miles of area in approx 25 minutes and know which neighborhoods have no ability to dial 911 or receive a reverse 911 call, no electricity, no phone, no internet, need snow chains to gain access, earthquake magnitude and if area needs assistance, PLUS each neighborhood will have conducted  a brevity fire watch report,  etc... .  In this approximate time period, each participating neighborhood has conducted its own individual net (on its allocated non ham emergency frequency), and each neighborhood summary report has been relayed into the Ham Net (by Hams). All such neighborhood reports are then summarized and mapped within approximately 25 minutes. During this same time frame we handle emergency traffic; and Net Control provides recommendations as to action or non action plans. Our emergency Fire Nets coordinate multiple tactical stations, and map the location of the fire, wind direction, proximity to neighborhoods, and more.

So for those hung up on the "Plain English do nothing loop", the SER PLAN USES BOTH PLAIN ENGLISH AND Q-CODES (EACH WITH A DIFFERENT PURPOSE). You can't do what we do in the time we do it! 

The SER Plan works. So what is your plan of action?  Do you practice weekly? The SER Plan does. Do you actually have an operating PLAN in place that coordinates multiple neighborhoods so 12+ independent nets are all operating at the exact same time. The SER Plan does. So, stop talking and please join in.