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The Shingletown Emergency Radio - EROC TEAM

Emergency Radio Communication Plan - Wild Fires, Earthquakes, Storms, Power Outages,  Smoke Checks, etc... 


11/20/2022 - the 760 repeater has been  placed back on Monitor mode only (no ability to transmit - HQ Satelite uplink enabled).  This was done because of  continuing malicious interference with emergency communications equipment.      Participating stations need to use the SER Emergency Radio Operations Center Team Plan Alternatives as a work around because of this malicious interference. The individuals responsible for this malicious interference have caused substantial damage to the Shingletown Emergency Radio Communications Plan, and put lives at risk. Areas that have not been actively participating  in SER Radio Communications Practice sessions need to set up their own emergency communications.

Previously, Repeater was been placed back on TX capable with standard default of 10 Papa. The downside is that due to the malicious interference this may result in your inclination to turn off your radios. Please try to avoid such since you will not hear any emergency communications. You have other options under the SER Plan.  EROC teams must always be at least monitoring the alternative comms plan 24/ 7 (including EROC 9).   Of course we also need stations that are also monitoring 760 10  for emergency traffic and which can then relay into Area Neighborhood Channels 1 and EROC 9.  Also,  HQ stations must always be monitoring Satelite Alpha 10 on a 24 /7 basis and EROC 9 to the extent you are able to make contact on EROC 9.

September 5, 2022,  the 760 repeater was  placed on Monitor mode only (no ability to transmit). Although such substantially reduces the benefits of the SER Plan, such action was was necessary in order to avoid the malicious and continuing abuse which has jeopardized and damaged the Emergency communications plan in addition to the  24/7 monitoring objective.    Stations are to USE the SER Emergency Radio Operations Center TEAM PLAN.  This Team Plan  still covers all stations who have been fully participating in on AIR RADIO emergency communications (even with the above Monitor Mode only for 760).  If you (or your Area) are not part of the EROC Team system (and participating), you need to figure out your own emergency communications before a wild fire hits.  IF YOU KNOW THE IDENTITY OF THE PERSON CAUSING THE MALICIOUS ABUSE, PLEASE CALL 530-474-3267 so that action may be taken to restore the full benefits that 760 provided.

 (July, 2022 - WILD FIRE SEASON): 760 repeater may be placed on Monitor only mode (no ability to transmit) due to abuse and harrassment by hams and non hams violating FCC rules.  EROC TEAM (radio levels 1.5 and above) and HQ USE VILLAGE EROC PLAN.  In the event 760 is periodically returned to Normal Operations, key stations may not be monitoring 760 due to the harrassment . Use Alternate EROC backup plan.  If you (or your Area) are not part of the EROC Team system (and participating), you need to figure out your own emergency communications before a wild fire hits.