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Shotguns and Home Defense

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          Shotgun Ammunition: 'Rounds of Authority' - youtube

                      Link to above is:  


      Firearms handling refresher Part II: Shotguns By Massad Ayoob


           Winchester PDX1 Defender Demo SHOT Show Media Day 2012


 WinchesterNo1Buck16Pellets1024X768.jpg (136330 bytes)

Shotgun Ammo: Winchester #1 Buck (16 pellets) unplated shot. 12 GA  at: 7, and 15  yards (group sizes). Shot from Mossberg 590 - 20" barrel. Cylinder.

FederalShotGunFliteControlWad1024X768.jpg (130801 bytes)

Shotgun Ammo: Federal Flitecontrol Wad - 12 GA - 00 Buck at 7, 15 and 25 yards (group sizes). Shot from Mossberg 590 - 20" barrel. Cylinder.


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