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When to Draw vs. When to Shoot

Tueller Drill / Reactionary Gap Drill – Range Record

Shooting Positions- photos 

How to Reload your revolver

Holster Draw - Reverse Retention Ready Position

How to Draw and Holster your firearm


Pistol Grip Illustrations - Photos  # 1   # 2

Pistol Grip and Stance  


California CCW Application Forms / Procedures


On Target Articles


Legal Assistance Considerations



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Download the Seven Steps (PDF)

Unorthodox Shooting Positions - Videos: (personal defense network):

1. Training for Unorthodox Shooting Positions

Rob Pincus and a group of students train on a range for shooting in unorthodox positions. Also covered is reloading in an unorthodox position. A ...

by PersonalDefenseNet 7 months ago 605 views

2. Unorthodox Shooting Positions Demo Drill

This student is shooting a drill that demonstrates ability to shoot in a variety of unorthodox shooting positions. This was done near the end of a ...

3. Defensive Shooting in a Vehicle

Rob Pincus demonstrates proper techniques for shooting from a seated position in a vehicle. A Personal Defense Network (PDN) original video. Visit ...

4. Defensive Shooting While Lying Down

Rob Pincus gives a lesson on defensive shooting while lying down including on your back, side or stomach. A Personal Defense Network (PDN ...

5. Using a Vehicle for Bullet Protection

Network (PDN) original video. Visit for more videos! ... unorthodox shooting positions around vehicle defensive prot... ...

by PersonalDefenseNet 7 months ago 495 views



7.  Fundamentals of Contact Shooting

7.01 Left Handed Contact Shooting

7.02 Grounded Contact Shooting

8.  Volume of Fire Drills

9.  Proper use of cover

10.  Recognizing and engaging multiple target threats

11Recognizing an attack

11.01 Spray Painting Defensive Targets

12.  Deploying a Handgun with One Hand

13.  Warrior Expert Theory

14.  Response with an unarmed associate

14.01 Coordinated Multiple Person Response

14.02  Rob Pincus Shows You a Close-Quarters Combat Technique with a Firearm: "Duck-Under to Side Control"

14.03  Using a Firearm to Defend Yourself Against a Crazy Knife-Wielding Attacker in Close-Quarters Combat!

14.04 How to Use Krav Maga to Survive a Knife Attack (BLACK BELT MAGAZINE)


Defensive Shooting in Motion Drill


14.50 Jim Higginbotham Demonstrating Lateral Movement

14.60 Traffic Stop Open carry your gun or conceal carry your gun how to handle a police traffic stop by masaad ayoob

14.70 Shotguns: Ayoob - 20 ga (#3 buck) vs 12 ga (#4 buck urban load)



15.  Lessons to be Learned - Don't turn a self defense shooting into murder: Front Sight’s Monday Blog: Verdict in Pharmacy Shooting…


16.  037 Massad Ayoob Demonstrates the "Stressfire" reload for the Revolver

17.  037 Massad Ayoob Demonstrates how to Reload the Revolver with the Bianchi "Speed Strip ...

Carrying a Second Weapon:

18.  2010 Shot Show: Massad Ayoob talks about carrying a second firearm


Close Quarters

Tac Adv


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