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Disaster Preparedness - What are you and your neighbors doing to prepare?

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Some information on: CPR; First Aid; Food Storage; Disaster Preparedness; Fire Evacuation Plan Shingletown Ridge; Sheriff Emergency Preparedness; CCW Discounts. 

 You and the Right and Duty of an Armed Citizenry

Those in our community who have expended the effort and personal resources in training to responsibly exercise their God given Right and Duty of Self Defense (just as our forefathers did) are doing what many citizens in our communities need to do.  It is clear, not all citizens are aware of, or recognize their responsibility of  exercising their rights and duties of American Citizenship. An armed Citizenry is "necessary to the security of a free state". Such is a foundational fabric of our Constitutional Republic. We need to awaken the American spirit, and that starts with every household, every street, and your neighborhood. Just below, you will find some emergency / disaster preparedness links. 

As responsible members of our community, CCW holders are among those who have trained and prepared to defend the lives of themselves, their families, and potentially other innocents. Likewise, in witnessing the events of today, it is clear that all responsible citizens  and CCW holders should obtain training and prepare for disaster response (natural and/or man made) which may occur in our homes as well as our local communities.   Whether one is the intended victim of a deadly attack, and must defend, or, is faced with a natural or man made disaster,  CCW training has already instilled within you the knowledge that - YOU are your first responder.  Such a mindset needs to be revitalized within our communities. If an emergency happened right now, when seconds or minutes count, would you be ready?  Are you trained in CPR? How about emergency First Aid?  Have your coordinated with your neighbors as to how you could help each other during an emergency?  Is you neighborhood ready? How about your county?  Does each member of your household have a "go bag"?  Do you have enough supplies to survive at your home for at least 3 days? Our forefathers utilized the "Minuteman" concept.  Recent disasters, the economy, and  common sense are all  telling us that we need to start preparing to respond on a minutes warning to an emergency in our homes and neighborhood. Let's start training to be "Minuteman Ready" - it's the American Way. 

Citizen Defense and Disaster Preparedness Education - it starts with every American Citizen.

What are you doing to prepare to protect you and your family in the event of an emergency or disaster (man made or force of nature)? 

What is your neighborhood doing to prepare for an emergency or disaster? 

What is your county doing to prepare?

If you and your neighbors are armed, are you trained? Consider taking a training course. Do you really want to be around other neighbors who don't follow safe firearms handling, haven't received training in drawing and re-holstering a weapon; and don't know the laws and standards of lethal force? Waiting for an emergency is not the time to start training. 

What are you doing to assist your County Sheriff to prepare?

Are you, your neighborhood, and county - Minuteman Ready?

If not, why not start today? It's the American way.

You don't have to start out big - start with you and your family, then spread the word.

With the budget cuts and economy, who will be there in time to help? 

Do you know who you can trust in your neighborhood? What type of equipment / expertise / skills / special needs do you and/or your immediate neighbors have? You may think that you individually have it all under control. What if  you were injured or sick, or out numbered by gangs? Can you think of a situation where you might need help?  Imagine, the phone lines are down, the power is out,  the battery was stolen out of your truck, your cell phone doesn't work, and suspicious vehicles and individuals are roaming your neighborhood.  Highway 44 (or your main road to "civilization") is blocked due to snow and a landslide.  Have you and your neighbors even discussed such matters? Have you ever gone beyond the mere talking points and procured supplies and obtained training? The one guy you thought about talking to, moved away last year.

In a disaster, the fact is - 

You will be your first responder.

Some "food for thought" follows:

March 16th, 2011

Stewart Rhodes, the Founder of Oath Keepers, with Brandon Smith and John Galt – Surviving a Currency Collapse and Restoring the Republic from the Bottom Up ...

The structure of this presentation will be:

1. Stewart will open for ten minutes, with a focus on the legal and military infrastructure for tyranny that has been erected, i.e. NORTHROP, FEMA, DHS, and the martial law/military law paradigm.  All that is now needed is a trigger event to serve as the justification for pulling the plug on the Constitution  …

2.  Then John and Brandon will spend 20 minutes discussing the economic situation, how we got here and what is coming, and how that will be the most likely trigger event.


All three will go down the four main pillars of solutions that will counter-act that pretext trigger event by minimizing the sense of emergency and also place us in the strongest posture to resist:

1.  physical security (personal, neighborhood, town, county, and state – including private efforts such as neighborhood watches, and public efforts, such as sheriff posses and county militia).  If we can maintain security for the lives, liberty, and property of ourselves, there is less pretext to convince the military and police to obey unconstitutional orders.

2. Food Security and Preparedness (again, private and public, from the individual to the neighborhood, town, county, etc).  If we have food, we cannot be starved into submission or be tempted to give up liberty, our guns, or our sovereignty for sandwiches.

3. Economic security – alternative currencies, barter, local economies, “liberty trades” etc. and again in both the private and public spheres.  If we have a constitutional, sound money alternative, we can resist and refuse the new “world currency” they have planned for us.

4. State Sovereignty (which is the proper focal point of legal and political resistance to preserve our Constitution).   Jefferson and Madison both expected us to use our states as the main tools of resistance in preservation of our Constitution.  That is the middle course, and the constitutional course.  It is what the founders expected us to use, rather than jumping from the frying pan into the fire of a military coup, or leaving us no recourse but bloody revolution.

Alternative Markets, Civil Defense and Security, Preparedness, and Strong, Sovereign States.


Pursuant to Cal. Gov. Code Section 26602. "The sheriff shall prevent and suppress any affrays, breaches of the peace, riots, and insurrections that come to his or her knowledge, and investigate public offenses which have been committed. The sheriff may execute all orders of the local health officer issued for the purpose of preventing the spread of any contagious or communicable disease."

Further, pursuant to Cal. Gov. Code Section 26604. "The sheriff shall command the aid of as many inhabitants of the sheriff's county as he or she thinks necessary in the execution of his or her duties."

Thus, if your Constitutional Sheriff called on you, will you be prepared to do your duty?


Further Educational Materials are below:

Below from Oath Keepers

Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes will be speaking at the Nullify Now event in Austin, TX on April 16th, 2011. For tickets and event info: Click Here

Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers speakers at Nullify Now! Phoenix on 01-29-11.

topics -- oaths to the constitution, habeas corpus, treason, trial by jury, executive power, war powers, and more…

Thomas Paine: “If there is to be trouble, let it be in my day, so that my child may have peace.”

“Oath Keepers and Tenth Amendment Center are two peas in a pod -- working to restore the republic from the bottom up.”


Oath Keeper Board member Sheriff Richard Mack at Nullify Now! Phoenix on 01-29-11

Nullify Now tour is presented by

Tenth Amendment Center

"Sheriffs can nullify the tyranny of the federal government". Sheriff Mack