Safety in Airports and Other Non-Permissive Environments 9/2017

This month, book author and columnist Mike Wood contributes to the Network Journal lead article, discussing surviving an attack in an airport or other public space that requires going through a security check point. This concise four-page article will give you a lot to think about


Jury Nullification – strike down of Kangaroo Court

Yesterday the jury in the trial of four men accused of offenses related to a standoff near the Bundy ranch in Bunkerville, Nevada sent a resounding message to prosecutors and the judge in the case by returning absolutely no Guilty verdicts.

Instead, jurors found Ricky Lovelien and Steven Stewart Not Guilty of all 10 charges against them. Jurors found Scott Drexler and Eric Parker Not Guilty of most charges against them, with the jury undecided on four charges against Parker and two charges against Drexler.

“There was not a dry eye in the room, except the prosecutors’, who were steaming mad, and the judge’s. I was literally bawling my eyes out,” said FIJA Advisory Board member Dr. Roger Roots, who was in the courtroom when the verdicts were delivered.

This is the second trial for all the defendants. They cannot be retried on those charges for which jurors delivered Not Guilty verdicts. However, they can be retried on any charges for which jurors failed to reach a verdict. It is not clear yet whether the prosecution will continue jury shopping in order to find jurors who will convict.

Demonstrators were publicly visible outside the courthouse in recent weeks, including several who educated the general public about jurors’ right of conscientious acquittal by jury nullification. While FIJA previously pointed out that the Malheur Refuge occupation acquittals were probably not the result of jury nullification, we have been keeping an eye on other related trials, such as this one, for potential conscientious acquittals.

According to Dr. Roots, “This was almost certainly jury nullification. I see no other realistic interpretation. I say that because the defense pretty much did not put on a case, and in fact, were not allowed to put on a case.”

Among other things, the judge forbade the defense from many lines of inquiry including
● how well-armed Bureau of Land Management (BLM) agents were or how frightened defendants were of a potential attack,
● any mention of bullying or physically violent behavior of BLM agents leading up to the protest (though the prosecution was allowed to bring up things that happened months beforehand),
● any reference whatsoever to Constitutional First or Second Amendment rights, and
● any testimony from five prospective defense witnesses, whose testimony Judge Navarro pre-screened outside the presence of the jury and ultimately rejected.

Navarro cut off defendant Eric Parker mid-testimony, and she kicked him off the stand for supposedly breaking the rules she laid down. At the time he was cut off, he was rebutting a statement made by a prosecution witness claiming that he looked in a particular direction. That testimony was allowed, but Parker was not allowed to testify that he looked up and to the right. After Not only that statement, but his entire testimony was stricken from the record. Jurors were ordered to disregard all of his testimony, leaving him completely voiceless in his own defense.

Defense attorney Jess Marchese confirmed after speaking with jurors that the treatment of the defense factored into their decisions.

“The court’s restrictive limitations on the defense were overtly aimed at stopping jury nullification, and yet the irony is that they absolutely fueled it,” Roots said.

Fully Informed Jury Association

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“Death to Fascism Liberty to the People”

“Death to Fascism Liberty to the People”

Today, you see rioting in American streets, the destruction, and the tearing down of our monuments.  We are witnessing the erasing of American history.  The tactic is not new.  Rather, history is being repeated.

The following is a brief excerpt from a book detailing the history of Slovenia during WWII.


“With the pretense of the National resistance to the Fascist occupiers, the Slovenian Communists succeeded in throwing our people into chaos and absolute terror. When these Red bandits would show up in a village to sack and pillage, to force men into the “OF”—Liberation Front, to burn the houses of those who publically said something against the Communist Party, to slaughter our Christian fathers, mothers and children, they would lift their right hands with clenched fists and shout out loud: “Death to Fascism – Liberty to the People!” ”

“A most desirable thing for our oppressed Nation carrying the heavy cross of Fascist occupation! Freedom was the goal of every honest Slovene! The sooner the destruction of Fascism would come, so much the better for us who were treated like animals by our enemies.  Our Slovenia language was ridiculed and doomed to extermination. In their zeal to make us Germans, the Nazis went so far as to burn Slovenian books publicly. In the city of Celje, they  collected all the books from the schools and public libraries. They piled them up on the Main Square of the City and burned them up.    Monuments   erected by the people to our National heroes were demolished and replaced with the images of Mussolini and Hitler.”

“… the occupiers (tried) to rob us of our Native tongue and replace it with a language so very foreign to our Slavic ears …”

“… “Death to Fascism – Liberty to the People” was exactly what we so desperately wanted.  Of  course, to us, the word “Fascist” meant a member of the Italian Fascist Organization, or the German Nazi Party. But not so to our Communists! To them, a Fascist was a faithful Slovenian Catholic who was loyal to his Church and to our Holy Father in Rome.”

“… Communism to us was not a mere political party – Communism was an evil, therefore a matter of conscience.”

“And, since we decided to follow our conscience to love Christ, His Church, and our Country, we were depicted as and considered enemies of the people, labeled as Fascists and traitors. We were therefore numbered among those who had to be tortured and killed.”

“The communist greeting:  “Death to Fascism – Liberty to the People” was correctly understood by the People as the public death sentence for all who had the courage to oppose and fight Communism and its cruelties.”

“ “Death to Fascism  – Liberty to the People” actually meant:  “Death to the People – Liberty to Communism!” ”


Above is from the book,   Communism as I know it , by Vladimir Kozina (at Pages 24 – 27)

Comment:  We need to recognize those who are destroying our monuments, rioting and killing,  for what they are.  They are seeking to destroy our Country.  They speak of “slavery”, but they don’t care about such. We don’t have the institution of slavery in the United States.  But, slavery does exist. It is a practice of  Islam.  In addition, it exists in countries around the world (e.g., China, Iran, North Korea, etc…).

Why aren’t these revolutionaries going to Iran in protest?  Why aren’t they going to  North Korea, and burning and destroying? Why aren’t they “taking on” Islam and its the subjugation of women, FGM, the taking of slaves, and the sexual abuse of children?

Why?  Because the destruction of America is their actual goal.  Their slogans are for the moment. They use  whatever  will serve to excite and ignite the passions of the non productive,  brain dead sheeple.   Our institutions, both government and private, have enemies within.  Invasion forces have been brought to our shores and distributed throughout our country.  Our educational system has been destroyed.  Our youth are in peril. Our Constitutional Republic is under attack.  Yet, many Americans remain in a  delusional stupor.  Recognized or not, America is under attack. A state of War exists.




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