Position SUL – Why and How to do it.

7230-PositionSULintroduction You drew your gun in public.  You decide you don’t  want to holster right away. How do you hold your firearm to reduce your appearance of “menace”? Here is an option, depending upon the facts and circumstances.

Intended t0 be a position of “restraint” and not of menace.

Position SUL is for the purpose of getting the weapon into a safer angle so your family, and non-threats can move around your firearm.

Step by step instruction, with photos on how to do position SUL and when it is used. Read more HERE.

Police Use Of Deadly Force AB 931

Following a controversial shooting in Sacramento, California, legislation has been introduced to change the legal standard for law enforcement in California from using “objectively reasonable force” to “necessary force.”  Under this new standard, police officers would be legally allowed to use deadly force only if “there were no other reasonable alternatives to prevent serious injury or death,” according to a spokesperson for the ACLU. (see FSN #363).  Also, it should be noted that the push for this type of legislative change is not limited to California. Also, I raise the concern as to future potential application of these proposals to the general citizenry. Is the fundamental right of self defense itself at risk? [read more here]

Repeal the 2nd Amendment and there will be war.

The call  to repeal the second Amendment  is a prelude to war.  Such seeks to void the foundational contract between We the People and the government formed to serve.  The ultimate power of the People to resist tyranny and oppression by force of arms, as a last resort, is not subject to repeal. Whether this effort be founded on ignorance or malice, is not relevant.

Any attempt to confiscate the weapons of the American people will be an act of war.  So it was on April 19, 1775, and so it will be again.

We can either learn from history, or  repeat it.

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Historical Reading :

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