A New Active Killer Trend and Eight Ways to Counter It

Written by: Greg Ellifritz

Within the past couple weeks, we’ve seen two active killer incidents with large body counts.  Interestingly, the killers in both events started shooting OUTSIDE their target location.

Reading about the shooting last Tuesday, I stumbled across the following quote:

“Because there were a series of gunshots about a quarter mile away that alerted that staff, and they went on an immediate lockdown without having to be alerted by law enforcement.”

When the gunman was unable to enter the school due to the exterior doors being locked, Johnston said he fired at the building several times before he headed into town along a two-lane road.”

The gunman fired on the building from outside.  He spent several minutes walking around the locked school and fired around 30 rounds at the building.  The gunman in the Texas church shooting did something similar.

Lots of big historic active killer events started outside ….

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Church shooting 5

When one of these events takes place it is imperative for us to learn from them should we hope to prevent or interdict the next one.  Sadly, this is rarely done to a true operational level.  It may be too soon to do this, but we have had three major events in the last three weeks.  I do not think it is too soon.  These points were brought to the discussion on my forum warriortalk.com by one of its members –

FACT 1:  Shooter visited the site five days prior to the attack.  This was probably a reconnaissance of the site.  We know that both terrorists as well as “crazy people” have done this prior to their initiation of attack.  Alternatively, he may not have decided to attack yet and was working up to it

LEARNING POINT: In today’s tech world it is an easy thing to have 24-7 passive surveillance.  We have it at home and at Suarez HQ.  This can run all the time and can be monitored remotely.  An alternative is the use of game cameras.  Any after hours suspicious visitors can be scrutinized at length.  These cameras can be elaborate and expensive or quite simple and cost effective.  Here is an Amazon link for such items for your convenience.  We live in a time of war and such steps, specially if you work at a desirable target, are not only simple and cost effective, but essential in your safety.  And anyone seen doing surveillance should be taken seriously.

FACT 2:  Shooter had sent threatening texts to his mother-in-law prior to the attack.

LEARNING POINT:  I will bet the threats were waved off as nothing serious.  In today’s environment, everything must be taken at face value, whether it is a man walking into a public venue dressed like an active shooter, or a threat made by text.        …   …    …

FACT 4:  Shooter was wearing body armor (type unknown) and a helmet.  Same situation in many other events.

LEARNING POINT: So this one is simple. We used to say, “If it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck…its a duck”.  So that man walking up to the church wearing armor and carrying a rifle is nothing but a freaking duck and should be treated as such.  Today we need to go on first impressions, because second impressions will be paid for with the lives of the innocent.

On weapons – Yes, I know Willeford used a rifle to kill the gunman (he gets the score, I am not buying the suicide thing).  But that was a fortunate happenstance.  These events will invariably be handled with the pistol that is already in your belt rather than the rifle you go and get.  And given that armor is prevalent, the traditional notion of center of mass shots is no longer valid.

The face is the target.  The ear canal is the target.  The base of the neck is the target.  And those may be preceded by shots to any exposed body part vis-a-vis counter-armor tactics.

FACT 5:  The good guy that responded was unprepared practically (no mag, barefoot), but was mentally ready to go anyway.


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Homeland Insecurity

November 9, 2017:

The Department  of  Homeland Security Bulletin advises of continuing threats to National Security.  The information is a reminder of the threats that Americans face. However, the Bulletin is sanitized. The Islamic Based Terrorist threat is not referenced.  Instead, the term “homegrown terror” is used.   Such word games deflect from the  grave threat that  America faces from the Islamic / Sharia threat, as well as communists, and others.  By branding the source of this terrorist ideology as being “grown in America”,   the element of causation is diverted to America itself. The true enemies who seek to destroy America  are given a  free pass to continue with their objective, the destruction of America.  Sharia law is a direct threat to America, our Constitution, and Bill of Rights.  Meanwhile, our Government continues to import terrorist individuals. The invasion is being conducted right under our noses, and the enemies are being placed throughout the United States.  Activation, the time and place, is left for the enemies to decide. And you, and your children, are the targets.

Be alert and vigilant. Be prepared to defend your family. And yes,  that means lawful use of firearms for defense. Moreover, get some basic medical training.

The terrorists, the enemy within,  are:

Targeting public places and events.

They make use of easy to use tools. For example:  use of vehicle ramming, small arms, straight-edged blades or knives, homemade explosives, and poisons or toxins.

They  use battlefield experiences to pursue new technologies and tactics, such as unmanned aerial systems and chemical agents.

They are targeting commercial aviation and air cargo, including with concealed explosives.

Of course, Islamic terrorists, and others, have for years promoted “Lone wolf” attacks. But, it is routine that when an attack happens, we, the “sheeple”, are told that the attackers “motive” is unknown, and that no known link to a formal terrorist group has been found.  This sounds like the same type of propaganda ministry that Hilter used to lie to the Germans about how well the invasion of Russia was going during WWII.

A copy of the National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin, is HERE.


Tourniquets and being prepared at home and in public locations

Tourniquets – Not a Last Resort

[www.activeresponsetraining.net] An update for those of you who haven’t attended a proper first aid class in the last 20 years.  Tourniquets are not the last resort to control bleeding.  At times, they are the first choice.  Tourniquets should be immediately applied in the following instances:

-When direct pressure is not controlling the bleeding

-Any sign of spurting arterial bleeding

-Any traumatic amputation

Learn how to use tourniquets.  They are the easiest and most effective intervention you can personally administer after a mass shooting or other crime of violence.

On the same topic, you should also read Effecting Your Survival in a Mass Killing.

[ShastaDefense] Also, instruction as to use of tourniquets is in Section II, at 4-9 and following, in the Attached is a copy of the Combat Lifesaver course materials  HERE

Kidnappings – Would you Intervene

Two Different Kidnappings- Would You Intervene?

Written by: Greg Ellifritz

One of the goals of any type of combative training is to “remove novelty.”  Novel situations combined with stress often force our brains to operate in a more instinctive manner.  When operating this way, higher order thinking isn’t possible.  Our goal as trainers is to introduce our students to as many possible situations as we can so that the student has a mental reference in the event he experiences a similar situation in the future.  If the student has already thought through an incident and come up with a viable solution, the brain is less likely to shift into “instinctive” mode and more likely to remain capable of intellectual thought.  That’s what we are looking for.


Fortunately, I don’t need to have you all in a scenario oriented training class to start making some mental maps.  You can do that by just thinking about crime scenarios and coming up with a logical plan to respond to them.  That’s what we are going to do in today’s article.

Here are two recent kidnapping attempts that were caught on video.  They are both somewhat different and a nuanced response may be required.  Take a look at both and think about what you might do.     Read more HERE

Gun Control hasn’t stopped mass shooting attacks

Gun control in Europe is almost total. It hasn’t stopped mass shooting attacks like Las Vegas

Within hours of the horrible attack in Las Vegas, before we knew most of the relevant facts about the tragedy, gun control advocates were calling for more gun control.  Here is something I would like those advocates to consider: Europe, which has all the gun controls that are being pushed in the aftermath of the Las Vegas carnage, has actually suffered more bloodshed from these types of attacks than the U.S.

You heard that right: Countries such as France may have made all semi-automatic guns illegal, but that hasn’t stopped killers from getting fully automatic machine guns to use in mass shooting attacks. All four of the 2015 mass public shooting in France involved machine guns, including the 130 people killed in November of that year in multiple attacks including one at a concert venue.

In the 1970s, 80s and 90s, Europe saw machine gun attacks in airports and nightclubs by groups such as Black September and the Red Army Faction. In fact, machine guns are commonly used in mass shootings in the rest of the world.

This has not been the case here in the U.S. In fact, Sunday’s attack on a country music festival in Las Vegas – that left at least 58 people dead and more than 500 wounded – may be the first mass public shooting in the U.S. involving a machine gun, if it turns out the killer did use such a weapon. According to a Wall Street Journal report, the gunman, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, is believed to have used at least one fully automatic weapon – weapons that are heavily restricted under U.S. federal law.

It is an attack that is likely to rank 14th in the most deadly mass public shooting in the world since 1970. It is the worst ever in the United States, according to data collected by the Center for Crime Research where I am founder and president.

There were 29 such shootings (four or more fatalities in a public place, according to the FBI’s official definition) in the U.S. during the eight years of the Obama administration; 26 in Europe. The rate at which people are killed is virtually the same in the European Union as in the United States.

Again, many of the facts about what happened in Las Vegas remain unknown at the moment, including exactly what type of firearm the gunman used. But one sad fact that everyone calling for gun control needs to consider is that, as Europe has shown, you can have all the gun control laws you want and you still won’t be able to stop horrors like this from happening.

John R. Lott, Jr. is a columnist for FoxNews.com. He is an economist and was formerly chief economist at the United States Sentencing Commission. Lott is also a leading expert on guns and op-eds on that issue are done in conjunction with the Crime Prevention Research Center. He is the author of nine books including “More Guns, Less Crime.” His latest book is “The War on Guns: Arming Yourself Against Gun Control Lies (August 1, 2016). Follow him on Twitter@johnrlottjr.

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Shasta Defense Comment: Also, reflect on the hypocrisy of those (anti self defense and “anti gun” persons) who will call 911 requesting that the police to show up with guns to defend their lives from an evil attacker. Yet, they concurrently seek to disarm Americans and deny the right of self defense.  They place the police officers and other citizens at risk (e.g., high speed response, etc…) in order to save their own lives, when they have already made the decision that their life is not worth defending. For those who seek to remove our American Bill of Rights, it is suggested that you buy a plane ticket and go live in a 3rd world country. Our Bill of Rights are NOT negotiable!

Las Vegas Shooting – Fences and gates crowd control – but not cover

An article and video shows the gates and fences that the crowds pushed down to escape the gun fire.  When out in a large gathering, reflect that chain link fences may control the crowds, but they don’t serve as cover. In essence, you may be locked into the killing zone. Also, such wouldn’t protect against a  vehicle attack.

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