You are at the shopping mall, and see three suspicious looking men entering the area where you and your family are located. They start to spread out, but are maintaining eye contact with each other. Each has a large back pack, and each is wearing a long jacket (clothing is bulky). It doesn’t look right to you. It is 95°F outside. What are you going to do? …

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Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary

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ISIS Supporters Step Up Threats Against West, Warnings Of Attacks Over Christmas, New Year

Warning – Graphic: ISIS Supporters Step Up Threats Against West, Warnings Of Attacks Over Christmas, New Year

The following report is now a complimentary offering from MEMRI’s Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM). For JTTM subscription information, click here.

In the run-up to Christmas and New Year’s, Islamic State (ISIS) supporters have been stepping up threats against the West. These threats are generally issued in the form of graphic posters shared and circulated by ISIS supporters on social media, primarily on the encrypted messaging app Telegram.

These holiday threats, which are part of a recent broader escalation of threats by the group’s supporters, have been against New York City, Washington D.C., Rome, Paris, and other locations, and have included calls to Muslims in the West to carry out attacks.[1]

Posters in general have become another weapon in ISIS’s arsenal of propaganda and incitement; these holiday threat posters are typically accompanied by Arabic hashtags such as … #Soon_On_Your_Holidays. … The following are recently published posters threatening holiday attacks:


Islamic Based Terrorist attack thwarted (planned for San Francisco – Pier 39 – Christmas).

Some Key Factors / criteria for the Islamic based terrorist attack planned for San Francisco  which was thwarted, are listed below. These are factors which we must be on alert for. Think about them when you are in public areas.

  •  The Suspect was posting and liking pro-ISIS and pro – terrorism content  on Facebook. (notice the hand gesture popular with ISIS jihadis).
  •   he picked Christmas as the perfect day” for a terror attack in San Francisco.
  •   he “did not need an escape plan because he was ready to die.”
  •   he picked the location because “…it was a heavily crowded area.” (Pier 39).
  •   plan appeared to include using a combination of  vehicle, firearms, and explosives  to inflict casualties.
  •  it would be easy to “funnel” people into an area where he could inflict casualties.
  • he was inspired by the Islamic based New York terror attack on Oct. 31, when a man drove into a crowd and killed eight people, and the deadly Islamic 2015 shooting in San Bernardino.
  • he had prior military experience with a “sharpshooter” rifle qualification and expertise with rifle marksmanship.

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See article at HERE.:   Also is source of image of suspect.