You are at the shopping mall, and see three suspicious looking men entering the area where you and your family are located. They start to spread out, but are maintaining eye contact with each other. Each has a large back pack, and each is wearing a long jacket (clothing is bulky). It doesn’t look right to you. It is 95°F outside. What are you going to do? …

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Self Defense – is a very serious matter – even for Pepper Spray use!

PeprSpryAn Interview with Attorney Penny Dean

Interview by Gila Hayes

Readers may recall that our April 2018 edition of this online journal told the first half of a story about New Hampshire Attorney Penny Dean’s defense of a Network member charged with assault and battery after self defense with pepper spray to prevent being choked into unconsciousness. If you missed the first part of this instructive interview, read it at, then enjoy the conclusion here.

Courtesy of  Armed Citizen’s Legal Defense Network, Inc.