Initial CCW class with drawing from holster

This weekend another Shasta Defense initial full CCW holster drawing class was completed. The husband wife team  did a great job. My classes have a maximum of 4 students.

As with prior classes, the students found the Tueller Drill to be an eye opener. It is important to bridge the gap between merely reading, or watching a video, and “doing”. It is almost without exception that, after completing the  live fire Tueller Drill,   students checked the box on the range control form which reads:  “I would have been stabbed multiple times and most likely dead”.  This serves to reinforce the training of not standing still (along with other factors). Thus, move off of the line of attack. We then conducted drills of moving off  the line of attack (left and right) while drawing and firing. This was followed by the student actively scanning 360 degrees, while maintaining aggressive weapon retention, and then moving to cover, firing from behind cover, scanning, reloading and holstering. Of course the class had many other active live fire drills, including: moving to the scene before engagement of the threat, and considerations to avoid being SHOT by other CCW holders, bad buys, or police; moving to a location and firing from a grounded position under  a vehicle (getting up and moving to cover); considerations of bullet “bounce” or “reflection” off of hard surfaces; “drop gun drill”; clearing malfunctions, reloading under stress; avoiding “reflexive spin”, “interview”  with police, and more.