Emergency Communications – California Fires – some planning points:

Excerpts from ARRL:

“The massive and barely contained Thomas Fire in Southern California has consumed more than 230,500 acres, and the emergency has caused residents in fire-threatened areas to evacuate. Amateur Radio volunteers remain active supporting communication …

“Loss of primary power has required using the solar power backup capabilities, but, unfortunately, the heavy smoke has made that backup less than fully reliable,” … . In addition some sites are down because of power outages, and at least one hilltop site was overrun by fire.

…In addition to power loss to repeater sites, solar panels charging off-grid batteries have been affected by the huge plumes of smoke blocking the sun.”  Read more HERE

Some Planning Points. Have Solar Backup. Have spare battery backup.  Be prepared to use simplex.

The Shingletown Emergency Radio Plan  incorporates: 2 meter (repeaters and simplex); HF (voice and Digital) CW (2 meters and HF). Here