Gun Free Zones and their “response plans” are the ultimate Government sponsored “Fill the Body Bag Program”.

Gun Free Zones and their related “active shooter response plans” are a fraud, as with the politicians pushing them.

“Gun free” zones are a guarantee that an attacker will not be stopped before he / she kills or injures innocent persons. Evil and bad people killing innocent people and children are a fact of life. Just like the evil politicians that facilitate them.

Gun Free Zones and Government Active shooter response “plans” advise that the immediate deployment of law enforcement is required to stop the shooting and mitigate harm to victims. Yet, these taxpayer funded projects are fraudulent. The police are called because they arrive with guns that they will use to stop the deadly attack (that includes, shooting the deadly threat).  Factually, the police will NOT arrive in time (e.g., February, 2018 Parkland, Florida School Shooting).  All of the political prostitution and posturing for “gun free zones” will only guarantee more children will be next. The only real question is – will yours be next?

“Lock down drills” and other types of feel good arrangements when constrained by Gun Free Zones are plans guaranteed to fail. They are in reality a taxpayer sponsored “Fill the Body Bag Program”.

It is time to start holding public officials (including:  legislators, school boards, etc…)_ accountable. They are guilty of conspiring and depriving Americans of their God given right of self defense.  They are facilitating the murder of innocent life by conspiring to deny the God Given right of self defense. They should be held individually and criminally accountable along with those who commit the murders. They should stand trial with their co-conspirators and cohorts in crime.

Teachers and Staff must be armed and trained to provide meaningful defense to self and students, when it matters.