More information on – Not getting shot by responders

In my initial and renewal courses, I cover post shooting considerations. One aspect is to avoid getting shot  by other CCW holders and Police …

I reference and review the report – Force Science News #216, which provides an overview of a training scenario between Uniformed Officers and plainclothes officer.  This correlates with a prior NYPD report concerning officer involved shootings.

You can substitute “CCW” for “PC” in the lessons learned section (I have placed emphasis by bolding  on the print for certain points):

” Among the lessons we learned:

  – Train first responders that not everyone holding a gun is a suspect.

 – Establish a challenge protocol to limit the likelihood of blue-on-blue error. We were able to significantly drop the instances of role-players being shot down to 50% after stressing the importance of challenge procedures.

The longer the PC presents himself holding a gun or displaying armed behavior, the higher the likelihood of being misidentified and fired upon.

 – As a PC choosing to respond to an armed threat, we recommend keeping your weapon concealed as long as possible as you maneuver to a position of advantage. Only present the weapon when you absolutely, positively have to engage bad-guy threats. After engaging and conducting necessary after-action procedures, immediately holster, conceal the weapon, move to cover, and be prepared to “halo” your badge.

 – Open up all trainees’ situational awareness to understand they are an UNKNOWN person when in plainclothes and their behaviors when holding a gun may be perceived as a threat to other first responders (uniformed as well as plainclothes and off-duty). …”

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