When to Draw a Firearm vs. When to Shoot

I have written a new publication on When to Draw a Firearm vs. When to Shoot. Please read it, download it, and pass it along.  If you have any thoughts, please let me know.

“…your drill results showed that you were not able to draw
and fire until after the attacker had covered a total distance of 29 feet. This combined result indicates that the preponderance of the evidence criteria
(when to draw) is met for you at some point BEYOND AND IN EXCESS OF 29 feet. Yes, some distance beyond the total 29 feet is needed for your
“preponderance of the evidence standard” so that you are not merely
firing as you are simultaneously being stabbed.”…

Download PDF  HERE

High Speed Police Chase, Crash and within .70 seconds Bad Guys are shooting

A short video of LAPD police chase and shootout.

Some observations and lessons:

  1. Notice that the bad guys are exiting their vehicle and start shooting within approximately   .70 seconds after their vehicle crashes into a fence (after driving  backwards following a police  a pit maneuver and high speed pursuit).
  2. Thereafter, the police start returning  fire within approximately .69 seconds after bad buys had started shooting (first officer’s shot appears to left and misses).
  3. Police vehicle front windshield is shot multiple times.
  4. The bad buys start moving backwards while still firing as the police now aggressively move into the threat with now well aimed gun fire and stop the threat. What would you have done?
  5. When out in public, you don’t know who is in the other car.
  6. If you get into a road rage incident, this could be who you are up against.
  7. Be alert, be courteous, and if someone “pisses you off”, let it go.
  8. The gun fight took place with homes located at both ends of the fields of fire. Thus, if you are at home and hear nearby gun fire, part of your defensive plan should include seeking cover. Stray bullets will go through walls and windows.
  9. Also notice the foreign invasion flag in the background.

Link to video is here: