“Offended” – meet the 1st Amendment

You are already being subjected to Sharia law when you are not allowed to say anything negative about it… . Further, the Christian God is the real God. Islam is at war with America. Their goal is to establish Sharia control.

—Miss Puerto Rico Suspended for Tweets: ‘Islamic God is NOT the Same God as Christians & Jews’

Mark Judge

By Mark Judge | December 21, 2015 | 11:21 AM EST

2015 Miss Puerto Rico Destiny Velez has been suspended after sending out a series of tweets critical of Islam.

The tweets were addressed to filmmaker Michael Moore, who recently stood in front of Trump Tower in New York holding a sign that read “We Are All Muslim.”

In response Velez, 20, tweeted:

“There’s NO comparison between Jews, Christians and Muslims. Jews nor Christians have terrorizing agendas in their sacred books.”

“All what Muslims have done is provided oil and terrorize this country & many others! All they do is build their mosques, feel offended by American values and terrorize innocent Americans and plant gas stations.”

“Most terrorist attacks have had a religion & a name associated with them & they have been from Islam religion.”

“Many pull out the card of Muslims serving in our military. Are they in the military cuz [because] they love our nation or to acquire benefits.”

“Why do ppl [people] want to separate Muslims from Isis when ISIS is a group of Muslim fanatics.”

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