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December 7, 2017 status – email correspondence:

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Also, in follow up, your blog mailings were received by me (for which I have now unsubscribed).

Nathan Zeliff, Esq.

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: Nathan Zeliff <>
To: Greg Ellifritz <>
Sent: Thursday, December 7, 2017 12:49 PM
Subject: Re: ShastaDefense

This is the ONLY e-mail I received from you.  I enter my e-mail account multiple times a day, and have new e-mails throughout the day (I send and receive).

I have still never received the e-mail advising me to take down the content. I had sent you a request for permission; however, my first response from you was  the”clown” comment on your facebook and the derogatory postings. As per my e-mail (below) I already removed the content.

Request is made that you please remove all the derogatory and comment strings from your facebook  account  (and any other sources). They are false. I will  then remove my response on my blog in order to move forward.

Please advise.

Thank you.

Nathan Zeliff, Esq.

From: Greg Ellifritz <>
To: Nathan Zeliff <>
Sent: Thursday, December 7, 2017 12:09 PM
Subject: Re: ShastaDefense


This will be the fourth email I sent to you from three different accounts.  The first two seemed to go through.

I got this error message on the third message.

This message was created automatically by the mail system (ecelerity).

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:

>>> (while not connected): 554 5.4.7 [internal] exceeded max retries without delivery

You might want to check your email system.

I don’t know if this one will go through or not, but I’ll give it one more try.  I responded to your original query (3 times) asking you to remove my content.


From: Nathan Zeliff <>
To: “” <>
Sent: Thursday, December 7, 2017 1:38 AM
Subject: ShastaDefense

I had written you for permission for the posting. I believe this was done through your on line contact form.  As I recall, I had advised that if you didn’t agree, that I would remove the information (you should have the post in your system). However, the first I learned of any “response” was by finding your derogatory comment on facebook (December 6, 2017).  That was only because I did a search for ShastaDefense. I don’t know where you are sending your e-mails, but my e-mail is set forth above. You could have called me, e-mailed me at the above address, or used the U.S. Mail. But,for some reason you decided to refer to me as a “clown”, encouraging your blog followers to make unprofessional and derogatory remarks (which are continuing).

You have continued to falsely advise persons that you have written me several times me, and that I haven’t responded. Again, no e-mails were received by me, except for your Blog Mailings that you send to subscribers for your articles (for which I unsubscribed today). Moreover I called and left a voice message for you this morning (California Time) and have received no response.

All article references had very clear attribution to your site and you. None were even remotely claimed to be my work.  The most recent had very large print at the top of the article with your link.

They have all been removed. If you see any left, please advise and I will remove.

Contrary to your blog followers, the defense network continues with permission.  They are professional and welcomed my promotion and referral of visitors to their site.

Comments on your blog are demeaning and false.

Nathan Zeliff, Esq.


  ———-END OF    E-MAILS  ———-
Today, December 6, 2017, I found negative comments on FACE Book from  as to my  linking and posting of his articles. I only found the negative comments after my making a search.
On December 6, I wrote Active Response Training, after viewing the negative comments, as follows (through his Comments input form, because I couldn’t find a telephone number or other e-mail).-  My webs site is ShastaDefense. I have been posting your articles (excerpts with links to your site).  All were linked directly to your website with full attribution. Recently I posted an entire article and WROTE you via e-mail (this was actually his comment form) asking if that was okay with you. I didn’t receive any response. I viewed your articles as informative and educational.
I have not received any e-mail from you. It was only because I did a search that I found your negative statement. My phone number is 530-474-3267. Please call to discuss. If you desire that I stop linking to your articles I will do so. It would be appreciated if you would speak or communicate with me.”
I only found out about the “problem” by doing a search on face book. I didn’t receive any phone call or e-mail from you. A professional approach would have been to contact me, and not make derogatory comments. Or, you could have responded to my communication to you on this subject.
I viewed the articles and information as being very informative, and important for CCW  holders to learn. However, I am removing links to Active Response Training articles.  I will stop referring persons to your  resource. Your unprofessional comments and false statement about having contacted me diminishes your credibility. I have my direct telephone number on my  my web site and my mailing address. You also have my  direct e-mail address.  You could have simply made contact. The unprofessional comments that you and your followers made  are not justified.
Active Response Training could have merely responded to my recent communication concerning posting of articles (permission request) (beyond partial information posting with a link  to the full article at your site) which I made  before   Response Training made false statements.
December 6, 2017, I located a number for you and called (morning, California time). I left a voice message.  However, I still haven’t received any communication from you on this subject.  The links to your articles have been removed . If you see any left over, please advise and I will remove them also.  I know persons were learning of your site through my links and my classes.
I had recently started printing out a few of your key articles (at my cost, and at no charge to my students). My name wasn’t even on the pages (they were just stapled and handed out  to a few students – e.g., suicide bombers, surviving vehicle attacks). I did this because I felt the content was important so that people would become aware, and maybe save a family from a bomber, etc… . That was all at additional cost to me and the only contact information on the page was YOUR BLOG.  That process has now stopped. My CCW classes seek to instruct students.  I routinely am advised by students that in my 4 hour renewal classes (required under California law), that I cover important matters that were not even addressed by other instructors in their FULL  original 12 hour class.