Islamic Terrorist Attack NYC – Be alert.

Islamic inspired Terrorist Bomber  – NYC Subway (“4 hurt”):

According to police, it was “absolutely an attempted terrorist act.” The bomber, now identified as 27-year-old Akayed Ullah, was walking in one of the tunnels underneath NYC’s Port Authority when the bomb went off. ..  living in the U.S. for 7 years. .. a Bangladeshi immigrant, and police say the attack was definitely a terrorist act, inspired by ISIS. FDNY says a total of 4 people were hurt in the bombing … all non-life-threatening injuries…” [NOTE wording – “attempted terrorist act” … “4 people hurt”   such wording appears to be an attempt to diminish the attack.  Why?]

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The enemy is in our country. They will be striking at the time and place of their choosing.  Our government officials (federal and state), have facilitated the importation and distribution of these enemies within our country, and in YOUR neighborhoods.

Be alert for:  vehicle attacks; stabbings, explosive devices, forest fires, sniper shots (even in remote areas) …  Islamic based terrorism has issued directives for their operatives to use all of these methods, and others.