High Speed Police Chase, Crash and within .70 seconds Bad Guys are shooting

A short video of LAPD police chase and shootout.

Some observations and lessons:

  1. Notice that the bad guys are exiting their vehicle and start shooting within approximately   .70 seconds after their vehicle crashes into a fence (after driving  backwards following a police  a pit maneuver and high speed pursuit).
  2. Thereafter, the police start returning  fire within approximately .69 seconds after bad buys had started shooting (first officer’s shot appears to left and misses).
  3. Police vehicle front windshield is shot multiple times.
  4. The bad buys start moving backwards while still firing as the police now aggressively move into the threat with now well aimed gun fire and stop the threat. What would you have done?
  5. When out in public, you don’t know who is in the other car.
  6. If you get into a road rage incident, this could be who you are up against.
  7. Be alert, be courteous, and if someone “pisses you off”, let it go.
  8. The gun fight took place with homes located at both ends of the fields of fire. Thus, if you are at home and hear nearby gun fire, part of your defensive plan should include seeking cover. Stray bullets will go through walls and windows.
  9. Also notice the foreign invasion flag in the background.

Link to video is here:




Carjacking Victim becomes Criminal

New York (2014):  the victim of an attempted carjacking was arrested and a Grand Jury indicted him in the shooting deaths of the two men who had attempted a carjacking.

Facts per news report.

Pierre was parked in his car waiting to get food. Two men (Lewis and Johnson) got into his car (armed) and attempted a carjacking. Pierre fought back. The two car jackers fled on foot running a block-and-a-half and getting into their own car (Johnson’s car).

Pierre followed suspect carjackers to their car and shot both of them (firing 13 shots and killing them).

Lessons as applied to California:

  1. The deadly force danger of the armed carjacking attempt had ended when the bad guys ran away.
  2. The original victim became the “perpetrator” when he chased down the carjackers and shot them.
  3. Assuming that you are a CCW holder, you are NOT a police officer. Some may be inclined to counter argue that Pierre was pursuing a “fleeing felon”. Fact: that is a dangerous proposition. California jury instructions even advise that the standards are not clear.
  4. California Jury instructions provide:

“3474. Danger No Longer Exists or Attacker Disabled

The right to use force in (self-defense/ [or] defense of another) continues only as long as the danger exists or reasonably appears to exist. [When the attacker (withdraws/ [or] no longer appears capable of inflicting any injury), then the right to use force ends.]”

  1. Learn to discipline that “switch” in your head to know when it is time to stop. You may personally disagree with the legal answer. Too bad. Get over it. Facing the  reality of your actions when your life is later being flushed down the  toilet is too late. You will wish you had learned the rules in advance.
  2. Practice “what if” scenarios (as above) and apply the law to the facts.

Source of original news story:  http://bxnewsnet.blogspot.com/2014/05/gunning-down-carjackers.html





Recent Shasta County Shootings – DA Determinations (2017)

DA Bridgett released her findings regarding four separate 2017 citizen-involved shootings.

Fatal Shooting of John Souza
Video of John Souza (mp4 25mb)

Shooting of Joshua Horak

Fatal shooting of Christopher Rosa

Fatal Shooting of Danial Bissell


The Shasta County District Attorney’s Office has determined that Anderson Police Officers Acted Lawfully in the Fatal Shooting of Edward Parinella


More information on – Not getting shot by responders

In my initial and renewal courses, I cover post shooting considerations. One aspect is to avoid getting shot  by other CCW holders and Police …

I reference and review the report – Force Science News #216, which provides an overview of a training scenario between Uniformed Officers and plainclothes officer.  This correlates with a prior NYPD report concerning officer involved shootings.

You can substitute “CCW” for “PC” in the lessons learned section (I have placed emphasis by bolding  on the print for certain points):

” Among the lessons we learned:

  – Train first responders that not everyone holding a gun is a suspect.

 – Establish a challenge protocol to limit the likelihood of blue-on-blue error. We were able to significantly drop the instances of role-players being shot down to 50% after stressing the importance of challenge procedures.

The longer the PC presents himself holding a gun or displaying armed behavior, the higher the likelihood of being misidentified and fired upon.

 – As a PC choosing to respond to an armed threat, we recommend keeping your weapon concealed as long as possible as you maneuver to a position of advantage. Only present the weapon when you absolutely, positively have to engage bad-guy threats. After engaging and conducting necessary after-action procedures, immediately holster, conceal the weapon, move to cover, and be prepared to “halo” your badge.

 – Open up all trainees’ situational awareness to understand they are an UNKNOWN person when in plainclothes and their behaviors when holding a gun may be perceived as a threat to other first responders (uniformed as well as plainclothes and off-duty). …”

Read the Article HERE


Article From Suarez Intl

You are more likely to be mistakenly shot by police in areas where the carry of weapons by citizens is not common. Places like New York…

…You are more likely to be shot if the first thing the police see is the profile of a firearm….

…You are more likely to be shot by police if, when challenged, you begin to turn toward them. This is problematic as it is a natural reaction for humans to turn toward the sound of yelling.  Specially the case if it is behind them….

…Second, a black gun is more easily covered and hidden than a bright and shiny one.


Can you survive the legal aftermath of self defense?

The Network is an organization of gun owners pooling their strength to protect one another when a member comes under scrutiny of the legal system after acting in self defense.

Can you survive the legal aftermath of self defense? Join the Network so you can access Attorney and legal expenses paid after a self defense incident.

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Position Sul – Training Video (yes, it applies to Civilians – it is about control)

Position Sul Training Video

[Ed. note:  This training article and video are on the firearm handling technique known as Position Sul.  Position Sul is not a replacement for the low ready, rather it is an alternative that officers can use depending on the circumstances, training and department policies.  


Home Invasion – are your prepared?

Scary Home Invasion Caught On Camera

View above video from  Active Self Protection

Considerations: (see the article at the link)

Recognize that danger exists (don’t pretend it can’t happen to you).

Carry your firearm with you (on body carry), even when you are at home.

Be aware of your surroundings, both when in public and at home.

Be more careful entering / leaving transitional spaces.

Have a deadbolt or other locking device on your  door(s) which is simple and fast to operate.

Obtain and practice empty hand defensive skills for close quarters defense.

Your attitude must be  – “I will never give up”.